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14 May 2016

With Electromig 330 Wave, efficiency and repeatability in operation, flexibility of use with different materials, highest quality in the results are combined with the best performances.
Electromig 330 Wave combines together both advanced technology requirements and those of high power, making it the ideal tool-mate even for the most heavy-duty use.
Electromig 330 Wave is a microprocessor controlled, multiprocess inverter welding machine with pulse and continuous operation, available also in the water cooled version. Suitable for operations on steel, stainless steel, aluminium, but also on zinc-plated sheets, to work in car body shops and in the industry as well.

  • three-phase MIG-MAG/FLUX/BRAZING/MMA/TIG DC-Lift multiprocess inverter, with continuous and pulse mode operations
  • implementation of Wave OS, Welding Advanced Visual Environment, a high-tech system that redesigns the manual welding process to improve quality, ensure repeatability and boost efficiency
  • synergic (Active Synergy) and customisable adjusting of welding parameters
  • specific low thermal transfer welding processes for work on thin materials and/or on those at a distance from each other (ATC and ROOT-MIG)
  • specific pulse welding processes for aluminium and brazed materials (AB Pulse and AB PoP)
  • wide colour display for optimal interaction with the product
  • VRD device




The Wave OS system turns welding into a totally unique experience, customised to suit the individual needs of operators.

INTELLIGENCE: Thanks to Wave OS, the user has complete control over the welding parameters and can tweak them to suit all operational requirements.
INTERACTION: Communication between the operator and Electromig 230 Wave is direct and immediate. It is possible to customise the welding programmes to suit specific requirements in addition to operating with the various memorised programmes. The colour display is a simple and user-friendly interface for all operational situations.

KNOWLEDGE: Wave OS is an exceptionally powerful knowledge tool designed to trace, analyse and control production processes far beyond the limits in place up until now.

EFFICIENCY: Wave OS is the perfect solution to respond to the everyday demands for competitivity and productivity. Nowadays, quality and repeatability are fundamental and essential requisites. The response to such challenges starts with Wave OS.

Electromig 230 Wave is a multiprocess inverter welding machine.

It welds in MMA rutile, basic, stainless steel electrodes with diameters of up to 4 mm and in TIG DC-Lift.


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