Electromig 550 Synergic: power evolution

Power combined with simplicity of use to guarantee you always the best results.

14 March 2019

This is Electromig 550 Synergic, a powerful multi-process MIG-MAG inverter welding machine (MIG-MAG / FLUX / BRAZING; MMA and TIG DC-Lift) suitable for a wide range of applications from the industry to metal processing.

Excellent striking and control of the arc, together with the constant monitoring of the main welding parameters directly on the wide LCD display, make it possible to increase the quality of work (thus reducing the time required to remove welding spatters)

Professional performances combined with an intuitive and simplified use reduce programming times to a minimum thanks to the synergic adjustment and the immediacy of the backlit display.


Electromig550_SynElectromig 550 Synergic, thanks to the removable wire feeder and the optional connection cables (up to 30 metres water-cooled), allows operation even far from the generator, for intervention in remote zones or difficult to access areas.
This feature is very useful in industrial environments where it is necessary to work among different workstations positioned also at different heights.
The compactness and the transportability of the wire feeder, from where you can control the welding programs straightaway, constitute a considerable advantage for greater efficiency and productivity.  





MULTIPROCESS_4Electromig 550 Synergic is a MIG-MAG welding machine with advanced functionalities that easily turns into MMA for electrode welding or in TIG DC, guaranteeing maximum flexibility for the operator.

pannello_ElectromigOn loading the chosen welding programs, you set the thickness of the material and start to weld.



saldatura_ElectromigCreate and save welding programs to meet with tailored needs or to avoid frequent reprogramming.
Every new demand can be solved with a specific program
It is possible to adjust numerous parameters including the striking and the slope down currents thus saving up to 10 customized jobs.


Simplified operations and superior welding quality thanks to the implementation of synergic curves designed for specific applications and materials. More than 40 advanced welding programs at your disposal.


Flexibility of use with different welded materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) and braze welded (galvanized sheets).
It is also possible to calibrate the machine in an easy and intuitive way to comply with the EN 50504-4 standard.


3ph_230_400Automatic detection of the mains (plug-and-play).


Available also the AQUA version (Water-cooled model).